Used Gun Purchasing

Sell your gun to us, its quick & easy! 

Turn your used gun into cash today!


We offer our customers the highest value in the region for used guns by using an independent valuation method to make sure you get the best deal possible.

  • Make sure you bring proof of ownership with you. 




The best value you can get for your used gun is to sell it to another private buyer directly.


When you bring your used gun to your local gun shop, it should not be a shock when their offer is less than that what you paid for it and far less than what you want to sell it for. This is because the gun shop will not pay you the same amount for a used gun that a private buyer might, or even close to the same amount that the shop can buy the same gun for brand new.


At CMI we try to give you more value whenever possible. Our staff will inspect your used gun and assess its condition. If it is in good condition our staff checks an independent used gun “blue book” source to make you an offer. They even share the source with you so you can see why they are making the offer at a particular price point. The best part of selling your used gun to CMI is that you get access to the same independent resource we use to value your gun. There are no unknowns and you won’t feel like you were taken advantage of in the process. It is our goal to educate you so that when you leave, you completely understand and even appreciate how we valued your used gun and your business.


If you need cash quick, then selling your used gun to a gun shop makes sense. Otherwise, sell it privately, or put it on consignment with us to get the maximum value possible.

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