Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest (TSSR) Gen. II

Reliable / Lightweight / Portable 

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The Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest (Generation II), also known as the TSSR II,  is a combination of the original Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest, and our Mini-Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest. 


This unit gives the sniper a reliable, lightweight, portable, and stable platform for observation and precision shooting. It can be used in the sitting, kneeling, and standing shooting positions. Its innovation and versatility allow for maximum flexibility in establishing a final firing position. Additionally, this unit enables the user to clamp their rifle onto this rest, making it ideal for long duration operations. Using the recommended tripod(s) and head(s), this rifle rest makes tracking and engaging a moving target a smooth process that enhances a shooters probability of hitting the desired target.


T.S.S.R. II Specifications

This rest is universal and attaches to most commercially made tripods or heads. It accommodates many different shooting positions and accepts most long guns. The TSSR GEN II is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, and is described by the following:


  • Weight: 2 lbs. 2 oz.

  • Length is seven inches (7”)

  • Width is eight and half inches (8.5”)

  • Height  is three and one quarter inches (3.25”) tall.

  • The bean bags are constructed using 1000 denier Cordura material.

  • The bean bags are replaceable.


On the demo range at the 2010 Top Sniper Competition held at Ft. Benning Ga., soldier after soldier fired from the standing shooting position using the Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest (Gen II), with Manfrotto's 055 camera tripod and a Manfrotto 438 leveler head, to put round after round down a tanks barrel at 425 meters using an LMT .308 semi-auto rifle, Ruag's Swiss Match Ammo, and a Leopold Mark IV scope.


Tripods are sold separately.


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