Tactical Pistol Workshop

The next step in practical handgun training

To register, please check our training scheduled for dates and times.

Seats are limited and are secured on a first-come, first-served basis (no walk-ins allowed). 


This eight (8) hour class picks up where your CPL class left you. It is more of an advanced course and is recommended for the graduates of our defensive handgun training programs (or equivalent). Only 10-slots are available. This class is generally conducted at CMI's indoor range facility. 


RESTRICTIONS: You MUST have a VALID CPL or be a LEO (active, reserve or retired).


COST: $199.00


DESCRIPTION: This class will focus on the skills necessary to carry a handgun for self-defense. Students will have a better understanding of gear and location of equipment. A strong emphasis of the fundamentals of marksman, working from concealment, one (1) handed weapon manipulation, reloads, clearing stoppages, low light shooting, proper utilization of cover and much more.


EQUIPMENT: Quality Pistol, Holster, Magazine Pouch with a minimum of 3 magazines, 350 rounds of training ammunition, eye and ear pro, ball cap and a cover garment. Holster must be a make and model specific to the pistol you’re carrying.

33825 plymouth road, livonia MI 48150 |ph: (800) 794-1216|hours: M-F 10a to 8p / sat. & sun: 10a to 6p