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The SWAT Operator Insignia© has been adopted nationwide by law enforcement and corrections agencies as their official SWAT qualification insignia.


The appeal of this insignia is that it is very professional looking, not overly aggressive or politically incorrect and symbolizes the ideal characteristics of a SWAT Operator.


  • Eagle: Strength, Honor & Integrity
  • Rifle: Firepower
  • K-Bar: Stealth
  • Lightning Bolt: Speed & Forcefulness of Action


Below is an example of a graduation schedule from one level to the next used by many agencies; 


SWAT Operator

Entry to 5-yrs

Senior SWAT Operator

5+ to less than 10-yrs

Master SWAT Operator

10+ years

The SWAT Operator Insignia© is a commercially stocked item that is available as a uniform pin or patch. The pins are constructed with a double clutch back. They are 1" high x 1.5" wide, and come in five different color variations. 


Also available as a commercially stocked patch (sew-on or velcro) and available in in various colors.  


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In 1993, members of a suburban Detroit SWAT Team were dissatisfied with their current SWAT emblem and set out to craft a new emblem that they believed embodied the spirit and mission of a law enforcement tactical team. These officers were inspired by the U.S. Navy SEALs and their hard earned and treasured, Trident insignia. The result of this inspiration was an idea that eventually became what is now known as America’s SWAT Operator Insignia©.


In 1997, CMI began marketing and selling this insignia. CMI was the driving force behind its national and international commercialization. Eventually, the owner of the SWAT Eagle© logo sold the design and all of its intellectual property rights (past, present and future) to CMI. We thank those officers who came up with the symbol, the owner of the design and copyright for allowing CMI to buy the rights to the mark, and of course, the U.S. Navy SEALs for being the role models that ultimately inspired America’s SWAT Operator Insignia©.

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