Quick Release Rest

Picatinny rail integration   

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The development of the Sharpshooters® Q-R Rifle Rest is a direct result of a request by our nation’s war fighters.


This simple device allows virtually any weapon with a Picatinny rail to integrate and lock onto this rest. The Q-R Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest is universal and mounts to most commercially made camera tripods, heads, and Q-R shoes.


The speed and lethality of battlefield sniping has just increased!



  • Aluminum & steel construction
  • Weighs just ¾ of an ounce
  • 3" L x 1.5" W x 1.5" H
  • A large 3" throw lever allows for gross motor movement while under stress or in the dark.
  • A 3/8-16" drilled & tapped mounting hole allowing direct connection to a wide verity of tripods and tripod heads.

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