Scoring & Sponsors Range

Iron Sight / Magnified Optic / Non-Magnified Optic / Overall



The NPRC and the OPEN (citizens) are two separate events. Each is scored as such, as outlined below.


Scores are individually issued to each shooter for each evolution (COF) of fire. This allows the shooter to identify their strengths and weaknesses for each course of fire. Shooters are scored overall and are separated into categories to give them a better perspective of their performance in comparison to their peers.  


  1. Overall (all shooters)

  2. Iron Sight

  3. Non-Magnified Optic

  4. Magnified Optics.


Scores are recorded via the shooter's assigned number. Questions regarding your score must be brought to the range master's attention before you leave that range and prior to shooting the next evolution of fire. Shooter's contesting the range master's scoring determination may seek clarification from a competition director. The director or his designee's determination is final. 


If you shoot someone else’s target they will get credit for the highest scores on their target to a maximum of the number of rounds that were to be fired for that evolution. You will receive zero points or a negative grade, if the evolution (COF) calls for penalties.




It’s one thing to see a product on table during a vendor show, but it’s an entirely different animal to actually use it on the range! The NPRC is all about validation and research, which includes equipment.


Our sponsors range sits directly in the middle of the competition ranges. This means that the competitors will be walking by the sponsors range all day long. The sponsors supply the weapons, optics, gear and ammo, and they are more than happy to let you shoot it up.


Even though the NPRC itself is extremely well coordinated, shooters will have periods of down time between the various courses of fire providing the time and opportunity to test and evaluate everything the sponsors bring. It’s an incredible opportunity to become informed. So we highly encourage all shooters to spend time on the sponsors range as its always fun (some sponsors even do a little mini-competition) and their is plenty to learn!


Don't miss the sponsors reception starting at 4pm in the club house! 


33825 plymouth road, livonia MI 48150 |ph: (800) 794-1216|hours: M-F 10a to 8p / sat. & sun: 10a to 6p