Championship Rules

Restrictions / Safety


The spirit of this training event and the rules which govern it are intended to make the competitor use what they use on the street during every-day patrol operations. 

Our rules are meant strictly to enhance your survivability by forcing you to test your training and equipment under stress and realistic circumstances.


  1. All participants must have completed a basic patrol rifle, tactical rifle, or carbine user’s course to be eligible to compete.
    • Military basic training meets this requirement.
  2. Students must wear at a minimum, their pistol belt with holster & handgun, personal body armor, eye, and hearing protection.
    • Even if you don't wear body armor on the street, it is mandatory for this event. Tactical vests are allowed as long as body armor is utilized.
  3. No competition holsters or magazine pouches. You must use what you use on the street.
  4. No specially modified “competition” rifles will be allowed.
  5. The weapon must be what you use on the street in your current assignment.
  6. Lights are allowed.
  7. A vertical fore grip is allowed.
  8. Suppressors are allowed and encouraged.
  9. You may not switch rifles. You must finish the training with the rifle you start with.
  10. There will be no sight-in time on the day of the event.
  11. Bipods are allowed. NEW FOR 2019
  12. No handed loaded ammunition. (Only factory ammunition is acceptable.)
  13. There will be absolutely no weapon or ammunition alibis.
  14. Four (4 lbs.) pounds is the minimum trigger weight that will be allowed.
    • Rifles will be checked prior to the start of the training. No exceptions.
  15. Optics are permissible up to x10 magnification.
  16. Only one optic, and or, one in-line magnifier maybe mounted on top of the weapon. Backup iron sights are allowed. A backup optic or iron sight may be mounted on the side of a weapon. You must finish the competition with your original optic(s) or iron sights. Optics may not be voluntarily removed from a weapon. 
  17. NPRC reserves the right to disqualify any weapon, equipment, ammunition or shooter for violation of these, and other rules, or for safety violations.
  18. Failure to follow directions during an evolution of fire may result in disqualification from that evolution and zero points, regardless of the point at which the directions were deviated from.
  19. If a major safety violation occurs at any time during this event, you will be stopped and ejected from the event.



All shooters will be issued a CHAMBER SAFE blocking device which must be inserted into your rifle chamber at all times during this event, except when you are shooting an evolution of fire.

  1. All weapons shall be pointed in a safe direction at all times.
    • Rifles must be kept pointed at the ground while moving between ranges.
  2. Load your weapons and make them "hot" only at the direction of the range master.
  3. Take all commands from the range masters.
  4. If you are injured at any time during this event, you must let the range master know immediately. Medical personnel will be present and able to help.
  5. Read the back of the registration form for all rules pertaining to this event. 




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