Patrol Rifle Utilization Survey

Help us help our profession by confidentially sharing patrol rifle OIS data  

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The NPRC has engaged in this research project in order to gather information on the use of the patrol rifle (carbine) by LEO’s while fighting criminals. It’s our hope that this info will ultimately help law enforcement agencies, their firearms instructors and industry manufacturers make improvements to their operations in order to help save lives. 


We believe that the cumulative data that is derived from these individual surveys will yield facts where assumption currently exists. This information will prove invaluable as it relates to the justification of certain types of patrol rifle training, equipment and policy. It could also be beneficial to an organization’s defense in the aftermath of a patrol rifle OIS.


As an example of success, our big brothers at the American Sniper Association conducted the same sort of survey in 2005 on police sniper engagements that debunked myths and have since benefited thousands of police sniper units nationwide.




Any LEO who works at, or worked at, the agency involved can submit a survey so long as they have all the information the survey asks for. Incomplete surveys are not accepted. We do not need or want the shooters or offenders names or personal information. We just need basic info surrounding the incident. Please make sure that you have permission to share this information with us as we may follow up at some point to authenticate the information.       




The survey is voluntary and it is only available electronically. This makes it easier to submit and ensures it’s always legible. The agency name and case number serve as a means to verify information if needed, and to de-conflict duplicate submissions. Please print a copy of what you submit for your records.




  • Incomplete surveys will NOT be accepted or added to the cumulative report.

  • If the submitter’s email or phone number do not work or bounce, the survey may not be used.


The cumulative information will be sorted into semi-annual reports.  It will be available on the NPRC website, but restricted to first responders and industry manufacturers for a small fee that will help defer the costs of storage, man hours, printing and advertising.




The individual surveys are kept separate and private from the cumulative report(s). The semi-annual cumulative report(s) will not reveal the following;

  • The agency involved or its case number

  • The shooter’s name. That information is not collected nor is it needed for this project


The information that is collected is regarded as sensitive and will not be made available to the general public. The finished publication will only be available to first responders and administrators at their agency, or industry manufacturers. These individual surveys and collective semi-annual report(s) will not be released to third parties without a valid court order. If that should ever occur, the submitter and/or the agency involved will be notified so long as all the contact information that was provided is valid. 

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