Patrol Rifle Qualification©

Accuracy / Ballistics / Safety

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Copyright: VA 2-142-455


The Patrol Rifle Qualification Tab© was originally designed by CMI in 1998 for graduates of our patrol rifle schools. It has since been adopted nationally and is accepted by many agencies as their official insignia for patrol rifle trained officers.


The appeal of this insignia is that it is very professional looking, not overly aggressive or politically incorrect, and symbolizes the ideal characteristics of a patrol rifle trained officer;


  • Patrol Rifle®The tool law enforcement uses to increase public and officer safety during critical incidents.
  • Bulls Eye: The accuracy attribute that a patrol rifle provides when it is used properly.
  • Tactical Patrol Officer Insignia™: The competency characteristic possessed by its user.


The Patrol Rifle Qualification Tab© is a commercially stocked item that is available as a uniform pin. The pins are constructed with a double clutch back. They are 2" wide x 3/4" high, and come in various colors and three levels (operator, senior operator, and master operator).


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