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NAAAC Booth (Oct. 14-15) & NPRC Live-Fire Range Opportunities (Oct. 16)

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The NAAAC & NPRC have become a value packed mid-year marketing event for manufacturers, distributors and service providers who cater to 1st responders. 


In past years, the NPRC has drawn 100+ 1st responders from across the country. However, since teaming up with the NAAAC, we expect attendance of the NAAAC conference portion to be 1,500+ attendees and now that the NPRC competition welcomes qualified citizens to train and compete, we expect the NPRC to max out at 200 shooters.   


Many of our attendees are instructors, supervisors or administrators. They all influence the gear and service selections for their organizations.


The NPRC has four co-hosts whose primary contribution is to support the event through their marketing channels to help draw more attendees. They include the Michigan Tactical Officers Association, the Ohio Tactical Officers Association, the Illinois Tactical Officers Association, and Americansnipers.org. We are also supported by the National Rifle AssociationPolice Magazine


Our sponsors and vendors are treated as our partners with the sole goal of yielding a maximum return on your company’s marketing investment. We hope to see you at this year’s event!


To Register as a Vendor or Sponsor please click the link at the top of this page or contact Mark Boyak at 800-794-1216 ex. 216 or email mboyak@centermassinc.com 




The sponsor's range is located directly in the middle of the ranges that the competitors are using during the championships. Foot traffic is constant and there is no better way to show a product than to allow a potential customer to try your product. This unique marketing opportunity is only open to our sponsors.

The sponsors range is only open to the competitors and other LE personnel who are spectating. At a sponsor's discretion, they may allow Multi-Lake Conservation Association Members to shoot.  

Sponsors will have either a 10 yard or 50 yard range to demo their products during the championships. Space is limited to Gold Sponsors and above. 




At Center Mass, we too attend various trade-shows across the country as a vendor and that experience has taught us what we the NPRC must provide for our sponsors and vendors, i.e. face-time with potential customers and decision makers. Therefore, when we plan the NPRC, we do so with the following objectives:

  1. To partner with credible organizations to help market the event to ensure we hit our attendance goals. 

  2. To treat our vendors and sponsors as our partners and listen to their input from one year to the next in an effort to make improvements that will help them sell more.   

  3. We actively engage our vendors and sponsors in a manner that gives them an opportunity to interact with the attendees both formally and informally so relationships can be built. You will eat and share in the comradery at the same tables as our attendees. 

  4. We give our sponsors and vendors a certain amount of raffle tickets to give away to the attendees to increase their odds of winning a prize and incentivizes them to come to your booth. However, in order to get raffle tickets, they must give you a business card. You decide how many tickets you give to each attendee.

  5. Sponsors are located in the same locations as the attendees. In fact, you’re on the same range during the championships. 

  6. We design the flow of the event to encourage and enable the attendee to interact with all the sponsors / vendors to view their gear and services in an effort to improve individual and organizational readiness.

  7. The refreshment and food stations are strategically positioned to assist in channeling the attendees past our sponsor’s and vendors booths every time they break, or need to use the rest room.

  8. Our recurring goal is to put on excellent training for the attendees in an organized, safe and secure manner so that they will tell others about the event and increase attendance in the following year.

We are very excited about the 2021 events and look forward to you & your company being a part of them. 




CANCELLATIONS: Prior to June 30 2022, your registration fee will be refunded less the 20% deposit.



Event Rules and Conditions: We reserve all rights regarding what sponsors/vendors we allow to exhibit, to include the assignment of sponsor/vendor location(s), and the right to expel sponsors/vendors with no refund for safety violations or for creating a disturbance. All sponsors/vendors must carry the appropriate insurance to cover any damage, injury or theft that may occur during the event, and all sponsors/vendors agree by virtue of attending this event to indemnify and hold harmless the NPRC, CMI, MLCA, the hotel, the conference center, their owners, board members, employees, and volunteers free from any claims for damages.



33825 plymouth road, livonia MI 48150 |ph: (800) 794-1216|hours: M-F 10a to 8p / sat. & sun: 10a to 6p