Executive & Advisory Boards

Comprised of 45 Industry Professionals 

2022 Executive Board


The Executive Board is responsible for the planning, organizing and execution of this event. It is the goal of this board that all attendees receive a maximum return on their investment so they may improve their patrol rifle and active assailant training programs and increase the safety of the citizens they serve.


To do this, we must conduct a fair, equitable, and challenging, yet safe event that tests individual skill, organizational training, and the student's equipment during law enforcement relevant evolutions of fire. At the NPRC Championships we consider every participant a winner simply because they are going above and beyond to test themselves and their equipment against their peers. We view these participants and their agencies as leaders, because good leaders are always looking to improve individually and organizationally.


Secondly, we must execute a well-organized educational conference that includes top notch instructors covering a variety of subjects, along with a concurrent vendor exhibition in an effort to give the attendee access to the most contemporary information and resources that can benefit them individually, and more importantly, benefit their organizations patrol rifle and active assailant training programs.


We thank you for your interest in this event and promise our best efforts in attaining our stated goals. We invite you to join with us for this one of a kind training event.


Good luck, and may God Bless America and those who protect her.



  • Mike Tkac is a retired Sergeant of the Newington PD - CT. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and is a graduate of Command Staff Training at Babson University. He has previously worked as an adjunct instructor for the Sig Arms Academy. He has been an active member of a SWAT team continually since 1989 where he continues to this day. He is a graduate of multiple training and tactical schools as well as being a winner of several regional sniper championships and SniperCraft’s National Challenge. He is a certified senior firearms instructor certified in handguns, Special Weapons and Tactics, sniper certification, rifle and rifle instructor certification and interactive Simunition training. He also is an armorer for Colt rifles and several other weapon systems. Mike is a member of the NTOA, ASA and is also an Advisory Board Member for the American Sniper Association.


  • Mike Lego is a retired Detective with nineteen years of service in a suburban Metro Detroit (Michigan) PD. He holds an associate degree in criminal justice. He was the Sniper Team Leader for Western Wayne County Special Operations where he has been assigned for sixteen years. Det. Lego is a certified pistol, shotgun, patrol rifle, simuinition, PPCT, and police sniper instructor. He is also the 2010 recipient of the "Chief Jeff Chudwin" award for patrol rifle excellence for his contributions to the law enforcement profession and for his actions in battle where he shot and killed an armed robber. In doing so, Mike was wounded forcing his premature medical retirement.


  • Patrick Fiorilli is a retired Detective of Lakewood PD in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. He is the current Executive Director of the Ohio Tactical Officers Association. Detective Fiorilli is an Ohio Peace Officers Training Council Certified Law Enforcement Trainer for Advance Firearms Training, Patrol Rifle and is an active member of the NTOA, OTOA, ITOA, and ILEETA.


  • Jeff Felts is a retired police officer and Founder of the NPRC. He proudly served for twenty years as a Police Officer & Sergeant in suburban Metro Detroit. He holds an associate degree in criminal justice, a bachelor degree in business administration and is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. His training and tactical foundations are established through a 12 year Army career where he served on active duty as an MP and in the reserves as an Infantry Drill Sergeant. He also served proudly for 12 years in a part-time capacity with the Western Wayne County Special Operations Team as an Operator, Sniper, and Sniper Team Leader. Jeff is a certified special weapons and tactics instructor, tactical rifle instructor, sniper instructor, pistol instructor and President of Center Mass, Inc. He is member of the NRA, MTOA, and ASA. He serves as an Advisory Board Member of the American Sniper Association (ASA). Jeff has had the honor to be a guest speaker at nationally renowned tactical seminars and has had articles on SWAT, police sniping and leadership published in several professional trade magazines. For more info on Jeff and Center Mass, click this link. 


2022 Advisory Board


The NPRC Advisory Board has been established to assist our Executive Board and CMI's staff in guiding this event. The Advisory Board provides input in the development, planning, organizing, and execution of this event. Each Advisory Board Member has been hand-picked to ensure that we have the best cross section of leaders from police & sheriff's departments, federal law enforcement, corrections, military, fire service, selected equipment manufacturers, private training companies and individuals who currently oversee successful firearms training events. We are truly honored to be associated with these men and women and thank them for their time, graciousness and contributions to our profession, their communities and this event. 


  • Dep. Dave Agata: St. John's County Sheriff's Office - FL 

  • Det. Matt Jacques: Prince William County PD - VA (ret.) 

  • Chief Vinny Palazzolo: Ferndale PD - MI (ret.)

  • Det. Vaughn Johnson: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office – WI

  • Lt. Todd Svenkesen: Detroit PD - MI

  • Sgt. Ron Sasaki: Bonney Lake PD - WA

  • Lt. Mark Stout: West Bloomfield PD - MI (ret.)

  • Lt. Ed Mohn: Libertyville PD - IL (ret.) / NIPAS SWAT / ITOA Board of Directors

  • Ltc. Dave Grossman: Killology Research Group
  • Sgt. Nick Drakulich: Cicero PD - IL

  • Lt. John Farnsworth: Cleveland PD – OH

  • Trp. Ben Sonstrom: Michigan State Police 

  • Dep. Kim Heath-Chudwin: Will County Sheriff's Office - IL

  • Capt. Dave Marshal: Dearborn PD (ret.) 

  • Lt. John Sherman: Northville Twp PD - MI (ret.) / Western Wayne County SWAT (ret.)

  • Lt. Stacy Giek: Kalamazoo DPS - MI (ret.)

  • Deputy Chief Dan Savage: Grand Rapids PD - MI (ret.)

  • Chief Randy Krause: Rockwood PD - MI

  • SA / EMT Chuck Soltys: DEA PFI (ret.) / ITOA Board of Directors

  • Lt. Bob Parker: Omaha PD - NE (ret.) 

  • Mr. Dave Young

  • Eric Manning: Multi-Lakes Conservation Association

  • Thomas LeClair: Windsor EMS SOD - Ontario Canada 

  • Carl Hospedales: Canadian Tactical Officers Association

  • Cyril Cheng: Canadian Customs / Board Member of the MTOA

  • Ned Christensen: Master Gunsmith & NPRC's Chief Armorer, President of Michigun's LTD.

  • Frank Moss: EoTech  

  • Ofc. Adrian Alan: Madison PD - WI (ret.) 

  • Lt. Jim Etzin: Oakland County Tactical Assistance Consortium (OakTac) - MI

  • Sgt. Mike Schwanbeck: Toledo PD - OH

  • D/Sgt. Chris Gioletti: Oakland County Sheriff's Office - (MI) / President of the Michigan Tactical Officers Association

  • Aron Cooper: U.S. Customs and Border Protection 

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