Eligibility to Train & Compete

For NPRC (LEO) & the NPRC OPEN (Citizen) 

PARTICIPANT ELIGIBILITY: All participants attending these events (NPRC or NPRC OPEN) must be proficient semi-auto pistol and patrol rifle users. 


WARNING: The COF’s at the NPRC and NPRC OPEN may include a degree of agility and physicality. Participants MUST be in good physical condition for this event. COF’s are not released until the event begins.


There will be no exceptions to these eligibility restrictions. In addition, anyone who becomes a safety hazard, or is found not to be in compliance with these requirements, may be removed from the event(s). 


NPRC and the NPRC OPEN reserve the right to prohibit anyone from participating in these events.



(LEO/Mil/Security/1st Responder)


The NPRC is open to all active duty law enforcement, corrections, military and select rifle armed professionals to include:


  1. Active law enforcement officers, corrections and military personnel. 

    • Retirees are welcome 

  2. Currently sworn and academy trained law enforcement reserve / auxiliary officers

  3. Current or retired military reservists or national guardsmen

  4. Current DOD or DOE security contractors 

  5. Current NRC certified nuclear security personnel

  6. Current Firefighters & Medical personnel (active and volunteer) who are pistol and patrol rifle TRAINED, QUALIFIED and are currently ASSIGNED as a medic to their jurisdiction’s tactical team or Rescue Task Force, are eligible to participate.


All NPRC participants must be pistol and patrol rifle trained and certified by their agency.


All NPRC attendees must present a valid driver’s license and organization ID card at check-in.




(Citizen participants)


Qualified citizens are now welcome to come train with their 1st responders. Upon registering for the NPRC OPEN, our staff will reach out to you requesting the following documentation be provided to secure a slot in the event. If you cannot provide this documentation, you will not be allowed to shoot and no refund will be given. These documents are required for safety purposes without exception.    

  1. A copy of a valid state issued concealed carry license permit.
  2. At least TWO of the following proof's of your training;
    • A copy of a certificate of ADVANCED training from a recognized training entity for both the carbine (AKA Patrol Rifle) AND semi-auto pistol. 
      • A CPL license is not recognized by the NPRC OPEN as "advanced" training.
      • Military basic training or boot camp IS recognized by the NPRC OPEN as meeting the advanced carbine training requirement.  
    • A USPSA membership number
    • Proof of shooting in other recognized competitive training events. 
    • If you have a question on what training is recognized by the NPRC OPEN, please send in a copy of your training certificate and we will get back to you after our staff has reviewed it. Thank you.  


The requirements above are not meant to be offensive in any manner whatsoever, but rather as a method to help ensure everybody's safety as most of the COF's at the NPRC are dynamic. We know from decades of experience that physical and mental stress can manifest into safety violations and its our job to reduce that risk as much as possible. We hope you understand. We thank you very much for considering participation in the NPRC OPEN.      


All NPRC OPEN attendees must present a valid driver’s license and CPL ID card at check-in.

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