Championship Info & Intent

This is a training event first and foremost 



During this competitive training event each attendee participates in multiple reality-based courses of fire. The training evolutions (COF's) are all relevant to the law enforcement patrol environment and bring the elements of basic rifle marksmanship, close quarter rifle tactics and circumstances that recreate actual law enforcement patrol rifle engagements.


The training evolutions (COF's) are generally 200 yards and closer. They can include moving targets, multiple adversaries, target identification, judgment in the use of force, various positions, physical exertion and mental stress.  


The event includes at least four live-fire graded exercises. Therefore, each attendee must bring 100 rounds of rifle and 10 rounds of pistol ammunition. Check the event rules for equipment restrictions. 


Each evolution (COF) of fire is unknown to the attendee until they arrive at the NPRC and are subsequently briefed by the instructors. The evolutions (COF's) change every year so there is no way to prepare for one specific skill. This format challenges participants to shoot the course of fire by reacting as they would on the streets of their own jurisdiction, using their issued equipment and departmental training. The attendee's performance is then scored to help them identify their training regimen’s strengths and weaknesses.


If your equipment fails you here, consider it a blessing and make the necessary changes to ensure it doesn’t happen on the street. The bad guy will not give you alibi rounds, redoes, or sympathy and neither will we during this training event. 


The organizational benefit of having your officers participate in this sort of an independent assessment of their individual skill and your organization’s equipment and training, can be invaluable in a court proceeding. Regardless of how your officer scores in comparison to their peers, your agency will be able to unequivocally articulate that it took a proactive position by sending officers to a Spontaneous Based Patrol Rifle Operations training program in an effort to improve individual and organizational performance. Each competitor will receive a training certificate for participating in the National Patrol Rifle Championships.


This certification allows your agency to document its commitment to ensuring your personnel are receiving the most contemporary, relevant and realistic firearms training and education possible. 


The NPRC certification brings great credibility because this event is guided by an Advisory / Executive Board that includes over 46 law enforcement, military, security and firefighting professionals. It includes personnel from municipal, county, state and federal agencies, as well as, military personnel and subject matter experts from all over North America. The certification is good for one year and can be renewed annually at the following year's NPRC. 


Officers returning from the NPRC Championships will bring back detailed courses of fire that can be used by your agency for basic and in-service training purposes. The learning experience at NPRC is unmatched in the law enforcement firearms training industry. If you’re looking for a venue to improve your firearms training programs and help advance your risk mitigation efforts, you’ve found it. Welcome to the NPRC!  


Each participant receives the following; 


  • A detailed event program outlining the courses of fire.

  • Scores are provided as a means to identify individual or organizational areas of strength and weakness. 

  • A training certificate for attending the NPRC as a spontaneous based patrol rifle training. 

  • Lunch is provided (hot dogs / chips / pop).

  • Dinner is provided (chicken / steak / drinks).

  • The chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes from our vendors and sponsors. 


Good luck, and make sure your equipment is ready to go!

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