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NFA Engraving Service

We engrave all NFA text (name or trust name, city, and state) to ATF regulations found under "Section 7.4 The identification of firearms" in the ATF Regulation Book. NFA engraved text will be at least 1/16" high, with a minimum depth of 0.003".


Pricing is based on the material of the gun and the location of the engraving. NFA engraving can be placed anywhere that is in plain view on the gun. There is a standard location for AR-15 lower receivers (the upper right side of the mag well) that is priced at a cheaper rate.


  • Standard text NFA engraving on aluminum (deep engraving): $59.99

  • Standard text NFA engraving on steel (deep engraving): $99.99

  • Add a stock image to same location (surface only): $34.99

  • NFA engraving in a special location on aluminum: $79.99 (e.g. front of mag well, etc.)

  • NFA engraving in a special location on steel: $119.99 (e.g. front of mag well, etc.)


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