Modular Shooting Package™

TSSR / Tripod & Head / Scabbard 

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This package is generally preferred by law enforcement snipers or security / military snipers assigned to a static post. Its primary advantage over our Mobile Sniping Packageor Enhanced Mobile Shooting System is its improved stability and the ability to leave your weapon locked onto the rifle rest.


The combination of the Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest Gen II, Manfrotto Tripod MT055XPRO3 and Leveler Head 438, allow for a smooth 360 degree traversing capability, and smooth elevation adjustments of +/- 10 degrees. Greater hasty elevation adjustments are easily accomplished using either the front or rear rest of the Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest Gen II as a fulcrum (depending on which direction is needed).  In any case, long duration operations and the engagement of moving targets becomes much easier using our Modular Shooting Package.


The Modular Shooting Package accepts virtually all long guns to include magazine fed rifles and many .50 caliber rifle systems.


This package includes the following components:


  • Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest Gen II (2.13lbs, 7" long x 8" wide)
  • Manfrotto's aluminum tripod MT055XPRO3 (5.51lbs, extends to 70" high)
  • Manfrotto's 438 compact leveler head (1.43lbs)
  • Sharpshooters® Tripod Scabbard (1.19lbs)


Package weighs 10.26 lbs.

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