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Our founder and owner, Jeff Felts, started CMI as a means to solve problems related to law enforcement equipment and training. He proudly served our country as a soldier in the U.S. Army from 1984 to 1996, in both active and reserve duty capacities. At the end of his military career, he had attained the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7), and was serving as an infantryman, as a Senior Drill Sergeant, in a reserve basic training unit.


In 1991, Jeff started his civilian law enforcement career and served as an officer and sergeant in the Detroit suburb of Plymouth Township. During that time, he served on a multi-jurisdictional SWAT Team in a part-time capacity, as an operator, sniper and sniper team leader.


In 1992, he attended a basic police sniper school that was taught by legendary USMC Scout Sniper, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, who inspired Jeff in a positive way that nobody else had ever done.    


Jeff was involved in two separate officer involved shootings in the early 90's. Those events highlighted flaws in the training and equipment that officers were receiving at the time. The results of these events were invaluable lessons being learned and an insatiable quest to improve law enforcement firearms training and equipment.    


In 1996, Jeff started Center Mass® to create equipment and training that would forever improve the police profession. Today, the Center Mass® brand is known by law enforcement officers nationwide. CMI-created equipment and training has been used with great success by our nation’s most elite military units, federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies. 


In 1999, Jeff was attending Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff & Command, and had recently launched Center Mass® Training Institute (CMTI). CMTI featured an active assailant response class that was, for its time, extremely cutting edge. During Staff & Command School, the Columbine Massacre occurred and debate raged amongst fifty of Metro Detroit’s highest-ranking police officials. Throughout this debate, Jeff advocated a new approach that required a more aggressive response by rifle-armed patrol officers to interdict and stop these mass killings quicker. Jeff’s concept was sternly rejected by nearly all of his classmates, but he held his ground. A year later, CMTI’s model for active assailant response became the accepted standard by many police agencies throughout the State of Michigan and beyond. CMTI is proud to have been one of the leaders who helped change the paradigm of how law enforcement responds to active assailants.


In 2000, Jeff created a one-day local patrol rifle competition as a means for individual law enforcement officers and their organizations to test their readiness for active assailant and other types of violent incidents. The competition quickly expanded from a local/regional event into an event that is now attended by law enforcement officers from across the country.  


In 2006, the patrol rifle competition changed its name to the National Patrol Rifle Conference (NPRC). Today, over 300 police officers and industry professionals participate annually in this event.     


In 2008, Jeff settled a whistle-blower lawsuit and resigned in good standing from his police agency. Center Mass® subsequently experienced explosive growth in 2009 and 2010. In December 2010, CMI purchased its first commercial property with the intent of eventually expanding into the civilian firearms market.   


In 2011, Jeff returned to the police profession to finish the final three years that he needed to secure his 20-year state pension. He proudly served as a police officer for the City of Wayne (Detroit suburb) and honorably retired on October 24, 2014.


In June of 2012, the renovations of the property CMI bought in December 2010 were completed and the business transitioned into the 9,000-sqare foot facility. This change allowed Center Mass® to begin sharing its collective knowledge on shooting, safety, and the use of deadly force with the citizens of Metro-Detroit.   


In 2013, Jeff embarked on a project that he has wanted to accomplish for the public safety profession since 1999 and began designing a risk management software that would save public safety organizations time and enormous amounts of money by giving them the detailed information that they need to improve officer performance, save lives and obliterate many training-related lawsuits. He combined his unique experiences as an officer, entrepreneur, whistle-blower, and as a trainer in the military and law enforcement with extensive research to develop the most comprehensive training documentation and liability management software on the market. The product, Force LMS, launched in January 2015 and in June 2017, Jeff sold his rights to the developer.  


In 2018, CMI's crown jewel event, the National Patrol Rifle Conference partnered with a growing 3-year old event known as the North American Active Assailant Conference. Both organizations had the same core mission of saving lives and it made sense to collaborate to leverage resources and experience to better serve all the professions that respond to the violence that occurs in our communities. This new marriage will draw roughly 2,000 attendees to the 2019 event. 


Jeff earned an associate degree in 1997 from Schoolcraft College in criminal justice, a bachelor degree in 2003 from Northwood University in business management, and is a 1999 graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.


Jeff’s other accomplishments include:

  • Amoungst the very first police snipers in the country to advocate the importance of tripod deployment and shooting in the urban environment. This passion started CMI in 1996 with the development of the Sharpshooters® series of rifle rests. 
  • Designer and manufacturer of the Sharpshooters® Urban Carry Bag for overt sniping operations. 
  • Designer and manufacturer of the Sharpshooters® Moving Target System for small arms training. 
  • Designer and manufacturer of the Sharpshooters® Steel Reactive Target Systems. 
  • Founder of the National Patrol Rifle Conference©.
  • Amoungst the very first training entities in the nation to provide law enforcement with patrol rifle and active assailant training. 
  • Co-Author of the National Tactical Officers Association’s 2002 “Patrol Rifle Training, Equipment and Policy Manual.”
  • Guest speaker for the Illinois and Michigan Tactical Officers Associations, Snipercraft’s - Sniperweek Seminar, the Northeast Sniper Summit, and Trexpo.
  • Creator, or co-creator, of all of CMI’s law enforcement schools & standards.
  • The inventor & patent holder for the Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest
  • The inventor & patent holder of the Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch™.
  • Co-Founder/Architect of Force LMS™ (Liability Management Solution).
  • Advisory Board Member for the American Sniper Association (ASA).
  • Contributing author on the use of deadly force in the ASA’s “Ultimate Training Manual for Police Snipers.”
  • Author of several LE industry articles on SWAT, sniping, and leadership.
  • Founder, designer and keeper of the Patrol Rifle Utilization Survey.  
  • Designer of CMI's indoor shooting range and training center. 




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  2. Are you a federal firearms licensed dealer? YES
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  4. Do you sell guns? YES
  5. Do you process FFL transfers for customers? YES
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  7. Do you teach concealed pistol license classes? YES
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