Firearms Training Simulator

Live Fire - Your gun / Your ammo / Your judgement / NO EXCUSES! 

To schedule time on the simulator please email Alanna at  or call at 734-425-2195 ext *200 and we will contact you within 48 hours to confirm and schedule the date and time of your private session.


Your gun - Your ammo - Your judgment - Your accuracy – No excuses!


You won't be reaching for a paintball or laser gun on the street, so why do so in your training? Hone your firearms skills using your weapon, your ammunition, your accuracy and your judgment in the use of deadly force.


Whether you want to take the ultimate test of judgment and accuracy in the use of deadly force or put on a company team building event that nobody will ever forget, our live-fire training simulator will exceed your wildest expectations!


Rental includes a system operator and one of our two ranges. Over 1,000 scenarios to choose from, both civilian and LEO based.


Approximately 1 scenario will run every two minutes (depends greatly on the proficiency of the participants). This is the ultimate training aid available anywhere in the world. Nothing is more real.

  • 1-hour (50 minutes): $199.00
  • 2-hours: $289.00
  • 3-hours: $379.00
  • 4-hours: 449.00


CMI has been using this technology since 2003 in our law enforcement firearms training courses. Students who have been involved in shootings have since told us that their experience using this technology played a significant role in their success. At CMI, we believe there is no greater validation of a training method or technology than that sort of feedback.


Law enforcement or military units within driving distance from our Livonia headquarters are welcome to rent this system for use at their own ranges. Click here for costs and details. 

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