Core Values

Our Business Philosophy


We must always be honest with ourselves, peers, bosses, employees, customers and vendors. We are all on the same team and misleading a teammate can only damage the relationship and potentially our business. Individually and organizationally, we must have the courage to confront internal or external problems in a respectful and professional manner that is focused upon correction of the issue to improve our company’s service and reputation. 



Retail, wholesale and online organizations are customer service driven industries. Businesses that provide the best service before (marketing), during (sales pitch and ease of the transaction), and after the sale (follow-up), always defeat their competition. Service is often affiliated with time and CMI recognizes that “time is money.” We are committed to a business tempo that keeps up with all potential opportunities. We recognize that in today’s local and global business environment superior service is critical to financial success. We know that failing to keep tempo not only gives our competition opportunity to take our business, but if we give poor service our reputation can be damaged due to the power of the rating tools available throughout the internet.  



Nothing can fall between the cracks. Everyone understands that small problems become big problems. We are committed to ensuring that the smallest details are taken care of as soon as possible. This includes the execution of our daily individual tasks and the coordination of our team responsibilities. We accept that it is our boss’s job to inspect our work to ensure it is completed, done on time and done correctly. This understanding is critical to maintaining a professional working relationship with our management team and will help keep us focused on growing our business while providing job security for everyone.          



A company culture of innovation and creativity must accompany a commitment to team work and timeliness. If we keep focused on customer service we will improve our reputation and accelerate our growth. Nobody wants to do business with companies that lack professionalism or forget the simplest of tasks. Our business cannot grow by being disrespectful to our customers, employees or vendors. Nor can we grow without offering new products and services. Our reputation is completely dependent upon us holding ourselves accountable for our actions or in-actions and by being more creative than our competitors have ever thought about in their wildest dreams.   



Companies who possess a great reputation in their respective markets and industries have one thing in common; a staff of employees who are committed to the company’s core values. These employees don’t view their employment as just a job, but rather as an opportunity to contribute and personally excel upon the organizations success.

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