Consignment Sales

Let us sell your gun for you! 

(15% fee when your used gun sells)


CMI sets the selling price for all consignments using the “blue book” value. This ensures that the consignor and the retail customer are getting fair value pricing. When your gun sells, we take a 15% fee and mail you the balance. For example, if the “blue book” says your gun is worth $400.00, CMI will list it and sell it for $400.00. When it sells, CMI takes a 15% fee and sends you a check for $340.00. If the “blue book” says your gun is worth $5,000.00, when it sells CMI only takes a 15% fee and send you a check for $4,250.


Placing your used gun on consignment enables you to make significantly more money than if you would have sold it directly to a gun shop. This is where CMI does all the work for you so you don't have to worry about marketing, phone calls, emails, showing the gun to people you don’t know, and all the paper work associated with the eventual sale of your used gun. The only downside is that you don't get paid until the gun sells to a third party. However, because CMI lists your used gun at the fair “blue book” market price, it should only take a few weeks to be sold. We make it easy, and we will get you fair market value for your gun.


Harness the power of CMI and let us sell your gun for you!

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