Concealed Pistol License 

CPL Renewal Training 

To register, please check our training scheduled for dates and times.

Seats are limited and are secured on a first-come, first-served basis (no walk-ins allowed). 


Our ALL INCLUSIVE  Concealed Pistol License (CPL) class has NO HIDDEN FEES. The $134.00 price includes all course materials, range time, targets, eye protection, hearing protection, lunch (usually a sub, pop & chips), a t-shirt, a .22 caliber pistol and ammunition (if needed) and a certificate of training assuming you pass the written exam and shooting portions of the training. You are welcome to bring your own handgun, but there is a charge for ammunition if you need it (you'll need 100 rounds). If you bring your own handgun, it must be encased and unloaded until instructed otherwise. 


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course meets the requirements to obtain a concealed pistol license (CPL) in Michigan. Topics covered include making you and your home safe, awareness levels, responding to a possible break-in, avoiding confrontations, confronting an attacker, legal issues, appropriate use of force, ammunition selection, handling the aftermath of a defensive shooting and the fundamentals of pistol shooting and safety.


ATTIRE: Students should wear a collared shirt that can be buttoned up to prevent expended brass from going down their shirt and closed toed footwear (no sandals) please.


INSTRUCTOR: CMI instructors are current or retired law enforcement officers (not reserve or former LEO’s) or an attorney. The law requires that the legal portions of this course is taught by these professionals.


NO PREREQUISITE / 9 HOURS TOTAL (approximately 6 hours classroom and 3 hours on the range): No refunds for cancellations within 3-days. Rescheduling within 3-days is permitted with a $25.00 fee.  


CPL Class Special Offer for Educators and Place of Worship Security

$89.00 (All-inclusive / NO OTHER COSTS)


CMI is offering this special because we believe that schools and places of worship must remain safe havens. Our children and worshipers deserve the peace of mind that is derived from knowing that someone who is onsite has the means to defend them under the most extreme circumstances. Our hope is that the schools and places of worship will use this program as a vehicle to allow volunteers to get trained by a leader the firearms training industry to improve safety at these locations.


Requirements to enroll:

  • EDUCATORS must provide proof of employment by a school district, college or university.

  • PLACE OF WORSHIP SECURITY must provide a dated and signed letter on letterhead from the chief executive of the place of worship stating that you are on the security detail.

Get signed up early! Three (3) slots in every CMI CPL course will be designated for these volunteers until two (2) weeks before the course. At that time those slots will be opened to anyone wanting to attend the course at our normal pricing.  


CMI firearms training programs are recognized nationwide as being amongst the very best in the industry. Over the last 23 years we have trained thousands of clients, some of whom have used our proven training programs to survive deadly force encounters. Don’t settle for less, your life might depend on it! 




COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is designed specifically for the person who already has a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License, but needs to renew it.


While it is not required by law to specifically take a CPL Renewal class, it is required by Michigan law that anyone renewing a CPL has done the following:

  • A 3 hour review of pistol safety and the applicable laws related to carrying and using a concealed pistol, as well as,

  • At least 1 hour of firing range time within the 6 months immediately preceding the renewal application.


CMI’s CPL Renewal Class is an easy way to fulfill those requirements and provides proof of doing so with a certificate of completion, which could be invaluable if its ever needed.  


Instructors from CMI will provide the requisite training that will include:

  • Review of safe gun storage, use and handling

  • Review of firearms' laws, including those related to carrying a concealed pistol, criminal and civil liability issues and the use of deadly force

  • Review of pistol shooting fundamentals


In addition, one hour of range time that is needed to complete the state’s range time requirement.


Prerequisite: Must possess a valid CPL


4-hours total: classroom and range / $49.00 (includes one hour of range time and a target)

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