Training Aids

Targets & Certificates 

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At CMI we are always working to help make your training efforts more creative, effective and easier to manage.


We are proud to offer CMI designed targets that we use at our various schools and at the National Patrol Rifle Championships.


We are just as proud to offer you standardized blank training certificates. Each discipline has the insignia ghosted into the background. All you do is add text. They are available in our online store under the headings of their respective discipline i.e. SWAT, TPO, Patrol Rifle or Sniper. These 8.5"x11" certificates have a gray SWAT Operator insignia with a blue accented lightning bolt watermarked into the background allowing you to add whatever text is necessary. These certificates are not legally available anywhere else. Available in 3 different ranks, basic, senior and master.


In addition we offer our Patrol Rifle Instructor Training Guide, Snipercraft Data Book and the American Sniper Associations Police Sniper Utilization Survey.  

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