AR-15 Armorer School

Designed for our citizen clients 

To register, please check our training scheduled for dates and times.

Seats are limited and are secured on a first-come, first-served basis (no walk-ins allowed). 


This course is designed for our CITIZEN clients (not LEO's).

  • It is 8-hours in length (8:00am - 5:00pm)
  • 16-seats available on a 1st come, first served basis. NO WALK-INS ALLOWED.
  • Open to any law-abiding citizen.


COST: $199.00 per student


This class uses lecture, photos, videos, animations, cutaways and discussion to de-mystify the gas operated AR-15 rifle system. This is NOT A GUNSMITHING SCHOOL and piston driven rifles are not covered in this course.


The law enforcement AR-15 Armorer’s primary responsibility is to ensure the agencies weapons are properly maintained and documented, to diagnose problems, make minor repairs and test new equipment/accessories. Trigger and barrel jobs should be referred to a certified Gunsmith or sent back to the factory for liability reasons.


This course outlines the most common problems, breakages, wear-points and manufacturing deficiencies. It covers proper care and maintenance, focusing on the operating system, bolt group and trigger group. Barrel and buffer tube change will be explained and demonstrated on a sample gun. The details of barrels and barrel life are examined and all students will remove and reinstall their buffer tubes. The fire control group, its optimization and the many aftermarket options are examined and discussed in this course. Different gas system adjustment methods and products are discussed for the benefit of those using suppressors. During this course each student will breakdown and reassemble their rifle multiple times.  


Students will be provided with a hand-punch, a 3/16 Allen wrench, and a copy of Patrick Sweeney's book, Gunsmithing the AR-15.


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Students must bring an AR-15, M-16 or M-4 Carbine (no ammunition), safety glasses, a towel or other working surface to protect the host's tables and a screwdriver.

33825 plymouth road, livonia MI 48150 |ph: (800) 794-1216|hours: M-F 10a to 8p / sat. & sun: 10a to 6p