Police Sniper Utilization Report
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Police Sniper Utilization Report

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This product is restricted by the American Sniper Association to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and military personnel. If you do not meet those criteria it will not be sold to you.

The original survey started in 2000 and was completed in 2002. The first Police Sniper Utilization Report was published in 2003. Every two years this report is updated by the American Sniper Association in an effort to give the law enforcement sniper community the data they need to help justify and improve their training, equipment and policy needs.

CMI sniper instructors played but one small part in helping our friends at the American Sniper Association collect the data for the original report. This report is given to every student at CMI's basic and instructor level sniper schools. It contains vital statistical data that all police snipers need to craft better training evolutions and justify improvement to their equipment, all geared toward the goal of saving lives.

If you want to know the longest, shortest and average distance of police sniper engagements, this is the ONLY place you can find it. Hundreds of police sniper shootings over the course of several decades have been recorded in this survey, and the data that is provided is invaluable to all police snipers! Make yourself, your team, and the community you serve a safer place by arming yourself with the information this report contains. 

We (CMI) want to thank the professionals at the American Sniper Association for all of their hard work in collecting this data, in updating this data, and for publishing this report. It is the single best work that has ever been done, by any entity, to document the circumstances that police snipers are encountering during their service to their communities. Thank you ASA!!!

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