Chambersafe - Chamber Blocking Safety device

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The Chambersafe chamber blocking device (CBD-M1) is applicable for law enforcement, military and recreational shooting applications. The CBD-M1 is a designed for firearm safety during storage or transport. The pull-ring portion extending outside the firearm affords both visual and tactile recognition of an empty chamber. Extremely fast to remove, the CBD-M1 can be cleared from the firearm by simply grasping and pulling away. The CBD-M1 is highly visible and can be felt in place in low light.

The Chambersafe CBD-M1 is given to all students attending CMI patrol schools and all attendees who shoot at the National Patrol Rifle Conference. This simple device is highly recommended by CMI’s instructional staff as it aids tremendously in saving time during training, not to mention the operational safety that this device provides to the agencies that use it. 

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